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Sample Pack Fundraiser

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Size A7 Cards

Each of these 5 cards is 5x7" which is larger than our typical cards, but is closer to the size of cards at big box stores.

Each sample pack is the same!

If you order more than one pack, you will get duplicates. We're all for it, but just want you to be aware. :)

Product Details

Once upon a time, TJ Maxx and Marshalls ordered cards from us! They requested larger cards than we typically sell, so all of the leftover cards have been waiting to be put to good use.  Here's where you come in! We're selling packs of 5 cards in this special size at a discount - some of them are in perfect condition and were just extra, and some have very minor imperfections like specks in the recycled paper. The revenue from each pack ($15) will be donated to NM Wildfire relief. 

What's included? Some of your favorite cards, but in a bigger size!

About the wildfires

New Mexico has been suffering from record-breaking wildfires since April. As of June 7, the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fires have burned over 300,000 acres and are 65% contained. The Black Fire has burned just under 300,000 acres and is about 49% contained. Thousands of residents in northern New Mexico have evacuated and hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

About the donations

All funds from each sample pack ($15 each) will be donated to the Las Vegas New Mexico Community Foundation for the Hermit's Peak Wildfire Relief Fund. They're allocating these funds to local organizations who are providing things like housing and meals for displaced seniors; assisting with emergency food and hotel stipends; providing food, water, and personal care items; and more.

(Btw, Las Vegas, NM was around before the one in you know!)