Balboa Park: a San Diego gem.



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On Saturday, the sister and I took a stroll through Balboa Park. We started out by “hiking” (I use the term loosely, but we WERE walking uphill) on some nearby trails. But then we were like “WAIT. WE GET TO LIVE IN A CITY THAT HAS A MASSIVE, BEAUTIFUL PARK SMACK-DAB IN THE MIDDLE. WE BETTER TAKE ADVANTAGE”. And so we did. We wandered through the park, admired the beautiful fountain, and were amused by the dog meet-up groups. Picture 15 greyhounds all standing together with their owners. Hysterical.

I seriously feel so lucky to live 10 minutes away from such a beautiful park. I need to spend more time there.

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My time in CHICAGO!



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Two weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Chicago — a work trip for my day job. I’d been once before, but this definitely reinforced the fact that CHICAGO IS RAD. Highlights included: GOOD food (DO NOT miss Belly Shack!), a Cubs game, trying to figure out the L, & the lovely neighborhood of Wicker Park.

What a cool city.

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New floral thank you cards are available in the shop (!!) — as single cards and in sets of 6. I feel like you can never have too many thank you cards on hand, and want to challenge myself to write more thank you notes. Seriously – in the craziness of every day life, a little gratitude goes a long ways!

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!


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This weekend was just what I needed. A BREAK. Juggling a full- time job and a growing business is freaking difficult sometimes. And sometimes you just want to cry and have your mom hug you. You know? Anyways, my parents, being the wonderful humans that they are, drove down from LA to hang out with me and help me get my life organized. THEY ARE THE BEST.

I wish I could do it all on my own… because that would be so impressive, right? But sometimes life hits you with the reality that you need other people. And honestly, that’s a beautiful thing. This week — which was filled with my least favorite thing, ANXIETY — people in my life showed up. And even better, I realized that it’s okay to lean on other people. I mean, I’m still working on this… because I’m a people-pleaser and don’t want to inconvenience my friends. Except, when we’re all there for each other (in our worst times), it’s not an inconvenience. Needless to say, I’m  learning some lessons over here.

And no, I wasn’t at the beach this weekend… but these photos are better than my messy house. So, enjoy.

++ film photos taken throughout San Diego – mostly at Sunset Cliffs and on the Point Loma Nazarene campus.






Meeting baby Mirah!

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One of the best moments of my recent trip to Portland was being able to see the beautiful baby that two of my friends – Brennan + Lacey – MADE! Little Mirah Lee was only 2.5 weeks old when I got to see her, and she was pretty darn adorable. The only thing more sweet than precious Mirah was being able to see my two friends as PARENTS. Seriously, crazy. I’m so excited for them!!

Also, their house is absolutely adorable… they’re just so dang stylish. And the street that they live on? Gorgeous! Oh the Pacific Northwest… you are so tempting sometimes.




Because I just love Portland.

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Odd Daughter - PDX 13

I absolutely love Portland, so when given the chance to head up there for a few days with some friends, it was an easy YES. We ate allll of the good foods (I’m lookin’ at you Tasty n’ Sons, Pine State Biscuit, Porque No?, Salt & Straw, and the list goes on…). Although a lot of the spots we visited were repeats for me, it was SO FUN to explore with a friend who had never been to the Pacific Northwest.

We also went on an incredibly breathtaking hike (Angel’s Rest) along the Columbia River Gorge. The weather was perfect (sunny and cool) and it was seriously one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on. The rest of our time was spent wandering around the different neighborhoods, going to Powell’s, and getting lost in vintage stores. Can’t wait to get up there again!!

*all photos taken on my film Canon Rebel. 

Odd Daughter - PDX

Odd Daughter - PDX 14

Odd Daughter - PDX11

Odd Daughter- PDX 12

Odd Daughter - PDX10

Odd Daughter - PDX9

Odd Daughter - PDX7

Odd Daughter - PDX6

Odd Daughter - PDX5

Odd Daughter - PDX4

Odd Daughter - PDX3

Odd Daughter - PDX2

Odd Daughter - PDX13

Good things.

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This past week was rough. Last weekend I came down with a real bad cold that has kept me absolutely miserable all week long. It was a hectic week at work, so I wasn’t able to rest as much as I would have liked, and I was hoping this weekend would do the trick. BUT, it looks like a trip to the doctor is in order :/

Amidst all the coughing, though, I have a lot to look forward to! I’m heading to Portland on Wednesday night! It’s going to be a quick trip… but I get to hang out in Portland and eat allll the good food with my friends. So THAT is pretty great.

What are YOU looking forward to? I hope that even if things aren’t amazing right now, you remember that THERE ARE GOOD THINGS TO COME. xo!

HOME TOUR on the Everygirl!

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If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably already heard me talk about this, but I wanted to mention it on the blog because I’m so excited!! My home was featured on The Everygirl. The best part is that the feature went live on my birthday. It was a lovely little birthday treat!

Here are a few photos that didn’t make it into the feature, but I thought were worth sharing. The sweet (and talented!) Summer Kais photographed my home, both she + the gals at The Everygirl were a delight to work with.

Needless to say, if you’re interested in seeing more photos of my home,  learning about my decorating style, and hearing more about Odd Daughter, head over to The Everygirl.




++ mix of photos taken by myself and Summer Kais.

A social media workshop + a lovely studio



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This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a rad social media workshop taught by Bri Emery. It was held in her incredible (!!) studio and we got to hear a bunch of great tips and just chat about social media in general. It was a great experience. I walked away with some exciting ideas about things I’d like to implement. Mostly, Bri’s studio is simply gorgeous, and I’d love to have a shared studio space like that some day. Inspirational, for sure!

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SAN DIEGO EATS / Buona Forchetta






I thought it’d be fun to begin sharing some of my favorite spots to eat in SD with all of you! And the oh-so-incredible Buona Forchetta seems like a good place to start. This place is so authentic you may be convinced you’re in Italy. I’ve only had their Neopolitan style pizza, so I can’t speak to everything else. But their pizza is absolutely delicious. AND, the best part is that they have the most UNBELIEVABLE gluten-free crust (as an option).  My sister dearest is gluten intolerant and that typically rules out the best Italian spots… but not in this case. #MiraclesHappen.

I think my favorite pizza thus far is the Andrea. Though I highly doubt you can go wrong. If you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday night, expect a wait! But since the restaurant is located in South Park (an absolutely adorable San Diego neighborhood), you can always just wander around and check out some of the nearby shops.

++ BUONA FORCHETTA / 3001 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102

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