Common Good Urban Market

Odd Daughter Paper Co will be making its first appearance this Saturday at the Common Good Urban Market-- an awesome marketplace put on by Warby Parker and Invisible Children. I'll be selling some new stationery, as well as a few favorites. It's been a while since I've done a show (Renegade LA was over a year ago!), and I think it will be good to put myself out there... get some feedback... and just have fun! So, if you're in the San Diego area (or LA! heyyy quick road trip!), you should stop by! **see details below common_good_market

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odd daughter paper co: Brainstorming // Market Setup
odd daughter paper co: Brainstorming // Market Setup

[…] in the process of planning how I’ll set up my display at the market on Saturday (aka TOMORROW). Definitely a little last minute.. but a planning is better late than […]

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