Updated and better than ever.

How do I decide if an old card needs an updated look? Here's a behind the scenes on the process cards go through to ensure they fit into the Odd Daughter brand. 

Gift Guide - Holiday 2017

Here are a few of my personal favorite gift items! They're all created/designed by small businesses and artists who I know personally and love, as well as some that I admire from afar. 

Odd Daughter in Sunset Magazine!

I was pretty shocked when a writer from Sunset Magazine contacted me about doing a little feature...

San Diego magazine - map + illustrations

In October, I had the awesome opportunity of working on a map for San Diego magazine. It was used in the November issue which was all about TACOS. 



2015 reflections

This year has been one of ups and downs, as most are. In May, I left my full-time day job to focus on Odd Daughter!! While this was a really exciting decision and I've never doubted that it was the right one, it has also been truly difficult.



ROAD TRIP / portland

My sister and I are in the midst of a pretty awesome road trip (#hartsistersbetrippin if you're curious). Our first main stop was Portland  >> the city where I eat like every meal is my last. 

volunteer park conservatory

During our trip to Seattle in June, we visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory for the first time. I'm not sure why I waited so long... because it's gorgeous!!

neighborhood faves: NORTH PARK

Whenever I have a friend visiting San Diego (or another area I know well), my FAVORITE thing is to give them a full list of places to eat (...and things to do. but mostly just places to eat, because let's be real)

desert garden

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I met up with Vanessa + Maggie a couple weeks ago to take some photos at the Balboa Park desert garden. It was the most beautiful spot to take photos [especially at dusk!! killer].



Self employment so far...

I'm finishing up my third week of being self employed. And I'm feeling all kinds of emotions.    I feel confident t...

Taking the Leap!!

I launched Odd Daughter Paper two years ago in April. Over the past two years, I've continued to work a full-time day job and have tried my hardest to balance that work with my stationery business. 

springtime in san diego

Although it's technically still winter, San Diego has been looking a lot like spring lately! And our 90 degree temps ...

san francisco: part two

As I mentioned earlier... we also ate a lot of things in San Francisco! And we wandered around some pretty places. Ou...

san francisco: part one

Last weekend we took a quick trip to San Francisco! We actually stayed in Oakland, which was great. We were close to ...

celebrating love + friendship

I've never really been into Valentine's Day (except when I was a kid, because, CANDY). But I don't love red roses or cheesy cards... and the holiday feels so forced. Recently, however, I've been reminded that it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

BRENNAN YOUNG / planters

odd daughter blog - taco tuesday


In some ways, I don't understand Taco Tuesday. Because I want to eat tacos ALLLL of the days. But then again, I'm gla...

Summer Dayzzz.

I honestly have no idea where this summer went. I realize there's nothing interesting about saying "ahh, I've been SO BUSY". But that's the real deal, folks.
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