ODD DAUGHTER // what's in a name?

Yes, I'm a daughter. And yes, sometimes I'm odd. But the name of my new venture, Odd Daughter Paper Co., is actually in honor of the nickname my mom acquired in 6th grade. Her teacher was all about giving his students nicknames... and since my mom's last name was Evenson, he called her Odddaughter. Needless to say, I've always thought it was kind of fun + quirky. The nickname reminds me of a different time... when my mom was younger, she'd write letters home from camp (I've seen them + they're so cute). And when I was that age, I loved having pen pals. I'd write letters to my cousin all the time!! And when I went on vacation during the summer, I'd write letters to my friends back home, which made checking the mailbox one of the most exciting parts of the day. These days, most contact comes in the form of a text, a tweet, or an email. And while I love how instantaneous texts/tweets are, I truly value a hand-written note. To me, receiving something in the mail [that someone thoughtfully spent the time to send] is a true joy. With that said, I hope that Odd Daughter will encourage not just me, but you as well, to send more letters... and to spend the time to write someone an encouraging note. Here's to more real mail!! about_me

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