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62290017b Michelle and I were walking around South Park a few weeks ago when I snapped this photo. For some reason seeing it brings me back to something we talked about during our walk. South park is a darling neighborhood, filled with some great small businesses. And while wandering, I mentioned that it would be so amazing to own a little shop someday in a cute neighborhood like South Park. But it's so hard to imagine something like that right now because I just have no idea what the future holds. It's not to say that I'm against planning or having dreams (this girl has dreams! trust me.) ... but you just never know where life will take you. During college, I knew I wanted to do something creative with my life-- but I thought that something was Interior Design.  Illustration wasn't really on my radar... and now, it's what I'm most passionate about! When I lived in Seattle I never could have imagined living in San Diego. And yet, the opportunity arose, I jumped on it, and I love it here! Sometimes it's crazy to see how things turn out... and yet, there's still so much life to be lived. I don't want to shy away from setting plans and having dreams... but I do want to keep in mind that I have no idea where life may take me! This is both terrifying and delightfully freeing. Do you guys ever feel this way? So certain of how you see your life going..? But also under the realization that you know things can and will turn out so different than you ever expected...? That life happens. and passions change. and that's OK. It's entirely possible that this post makes no sense... but it's what's on my mind at the moment. So there you go. :)



FEELING. the. same. way.

did i mention I’m moving back to santa barbara easter weekend?

who’d a thunk it.

closer to you! fun visits in our future hopefully?

also, i moved to seattle planning on going to school to get an MFA in creative writing. now I’m in school for holistic nutrition. go figure.


so excited for you!! also, yes. GO FIGURE.

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