round two.

portland2 Last weekend's trip to Portland featured a lot of food (SHOCKER). We were staying in an adorable, tiny house (above on the left) that had a rad kitchen (but it never got used because we had too many restaurants on our list!). I basically planned out most of our meals, because I didn't want to miss any favorites. Notable meals included Screen Door (for brunch + dinner!), Tasty & Sons, Porque No, and Papa Hayden's (for dessert). SUCH GOOD FOOD. In addition to eating, there was also some shopping. Both the sister and I had sense enough (or not) to bring small suitcases that were packed pretty tight... which didn't allow much room for new items to find their way home. HOWEVER, I know all the important tricks. So yes, I did sit on my suitcase to zip it up...and those vintage pumps and other lovely purchases fit riiiiight in. My super fashionable friend Lacey showed us some of the best vintage shops in town, and we wandered around some other lovelies including School House Electric, Alder & Co and Victory (my personal favorite!). portland

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Victory is my friend’s store!!!!! I’m so glad you liked it!

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