summer -->> fall

84870012 I truly can't believe summer has come and gone. It passed way too quickly, yet I'm still completely eager for Fall. Or should I say "San Diego Fall"? -- in which we experience mostly sunny warm days, sprinkled with a few clouds, and cooler nights. Either way, I'll take it!! As much as I'm sad to see summer go, I'm ready to enjoy warm drinks, see a few fallen leaves here + there, and snuggle up at night. As I bid farewell to summer, here are some of my favorite film shots from the past few months. I hope that wherever you are, you're enjoying the transition from one season to the next! xo!

84870006 84870005 84870010




I’m really looking forward to when it feels a bit more like fall! There’s been a chill in the air at night, but still 80s during the day… so not exactly sweater weather yet here!



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