January 14 2014
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A FEW THINGS I'VE LEARNED | Renegade LA Craft Fair


Shayla - December 18 2014

I found it thanks katie!

Katie - December 18 2014

Hi Shayla!

I bought the stand — I wish I could have made it! I just searched wood stationery display on Amazon and found this for about $50… which was definitely worth it in my opinion.

Shayla - December 18 2014

I’ve learned pretty much the same at the craft fairs I’ve done so far. i try to get into ones that are established with a good turnout but have a low entry fee because the sales aren’t that great in my experience; not terrible but not great.

question: did you make that plywood card stand or did you purchase it somewhere?

Angel Y. - December 18 2014

These are fantastic notes! As I get into my first product line I’m absorbing everything! I’m glad you enjoyed the craft fair!

dominique - December 18 2014

your display was gorgeous!! great work.

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