March 08 2014
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Katie Hart
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SAN DIEGO EATS / Buona Forchetta


allie - December 18 2014

Found you on The Everygirl and I am absolutely smitten with your blog and your paper goods! My sister is going to school at point loma right now and any chance i get to visit her, i do because san diego is stunning. oh that that pizza looks amaze-ing.

Katie - December 18 2014

oh, lame! yeah, I’d recommend going on a weekday or on the earlier side. but maybe I’m just easy to please w/ pizza? ;)

photogjenn - December 18 2014

This restaurant has been very hit or miss with me. i’ve had some amazing food and some very very average food. hope the wait is shorter than it was when they first opened.

love the pics!

Michelle - December 18 2014

i NEVER want to stop eating that pizza.


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