SAN DIEGO EATS / Buona Forchetta

96370016 96370017 96370018 I thought it'd be fun to begin sharing some of my favorite spots to eat in SD with all of you! And the oh-so-incredible Buona Forchetta seems like a good place to start. This place is so authentic you may be convinced you're in Italy. I've only had their Neopolitan style pizza, so I can't speak to everything else. But their pizza is absolutely delicious. AND, the best part is that they have the most UNBELIEVABLE gluten-free crust (as an option).  My sister dearest is gluten intolerant and that typically rules out the best Italian spots... but not in this case. #MiraclesHappen. I think my favorite pizza thus far is the Andrea. Though I highly doubt you can go wrong. If you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday night, expect a wait! But since the restaurant is located in South Park (an absolutely adorable San Diego neighborhood), you can always just wander around and check out some of the nearby shops. ++ BUONA FORCHETTA / 3001 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102