Because I just love Portland.

Odd Daughter - PDX 13 I absolutely love Portland, so when given the chance to head up there for a few days with some friends, it was an easy YES. We ate allll of the good foods (I'm lookin' at you Tasty n' Sons, Pine State Biscuit, Porque No?, Salt & Straw, and the list goes on...). Although a lot of the spots we visited were repeats for me, it was SO FUN to explore with a friend who had never been to the Pacific Northwest. We also went on an incredibly breathtaking hike (Angel's Rest) along the Columbia River Gorge. The weather was perfect (sunny and cool) and it was seriously one of the most beautiful hikes I've been on. The rest of our time was spent wandering around the different neighborhoods, going to Powell's, and getting lost in vintage stores. Can't wait to get up there again!! *all photos taken on my film Canon Rebel. 

Odd Daughter - PDX

Odd Daughter - PDX 14

Odd Daughter - PDX11

Odd Daughter- PDX 12

Odd Daughter - PDX10

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