san francisco: part two

As I mentioned earlier... we also ate a lot of things in San Francisco! And we wandered around some pretty places. Our favorite meals included: dinner at Dona Tomas (in Oakland) and lunch multiple times at Outerlands. We spent some time at the Sutro Bath ruins and it was absolutely gorgeous!! I'd definitely recommend a stop there if you're in the area. 

On a side note: I tend to idealize living in other places. I figured that spending time in the bay area would make me want to move there right away. As much as I loved certain aspects of SF (and there are a ton I'm sure I haven't experienced), it actually made me appreciate San Diego even more. I'd love to plan another trip to SF in the future and explore even more... but GEEZ, it's a good feeling to conclude that you're in the right place. I can always use a dose of contentedness, and this was perfect.  :)

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LOVED Dona Tomas and Outerlands. I wish I could eat at both of them FORRREEEVVVVEEERRR!

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