neighborhood faves: NORTH PARK

Whenever I have a friend visiting San Diego (or another area I know well), my FAVORITE thing is to give them a full list of places to eat (...and things to do. but mostly just places to eat, because let's be real). I thought it would be fun to do a little series sharing my favorite spots in the San Diego neighborhoods I frequent most often. Starting with... North Park!


North park is a great neighborhood just northwest of Balboa Park. It houses a bunch of great restaurants, coffee shops & bars. The map above highlights some of my favorite spots, but since there are quite a few, I'll include some extras below. :) 

The Mission - a lovely breakfast spot. I always order the "Mission Rosemary" served with their famous rosemary toast.

Coffee + Tea Collective - this hip coffee shop serves amazing coffee (and tea, of course). Take a look at Gym Standard, just next door. 

Hammond's Ice Cream - I'm partial to their Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo. 

Calabria - a great spot for a latte!

Tacos Perla / Modern Times / Influx - tacos, beer, & coffee -- all located in the same building as Underbelly! 

Polite Provisions - mentioned briefly above, Polite Provisions is the neighbor to Soda & Swine. They serve amazing, unique drinks (try the Mr. Brownstone!). 

Young Hickory - this is a great spot to grab some coffee or a beer! 

These are just MY favorites, not a comprehensive list (and I'm definitely guilty of going to the same places over and over when I love them)... so if you have North Park recommendations, please share in the comments!!