We are two very imperfect people who work together to bring you day-to-day beauty and tools for connection. As a business, we have values that guide the decisions we make - who we work with, the materials we use, which products we design - and we also acknowledge that nothing is black and white. We leave room for complexity.

Authenticity & Imperfection

Speaking of which, we value authenticity and imperfection.  So much of what we see in the world is telling us that we have to be perfect and yet we all know perfection is unrealistic. We don't want Odd Daughter products to look like they were mass produced by a faceless corporation. Instead, you can tell that real people wrote and/or illustrated each one.


Continuous growth is another one of our values. We strive to learn and grow as individuals and also as a brand. We're working to be our best selves (through therapy for example) and we seek to better understand the experiences and perspectives of others, particularly marginalized groups. You'll see this reflected in the evolution of our products and in our messaging to you.


Both of us are inspired by the beauty of the desert here in New Mexico, but especially Katie as she creates all of the artwork for our brand and product line. Albuquerque is a unique place because it is a major city, but it's not surrounded by smaller cities and suburbs. You can drive 30 minutes and be in the mountains or desert and feel completely away from it all. We're lucky to experience so much natural beauty all around us and we want to take good care of it. So not only can you see our love of nature reflected in the designs, but we also make business choices based on their environmental impact.

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