The State of Our Union with Faire

To our dearly beloved wholesale family:

Yes, yes, this is going to be a bit wordy, but we thought you might like a behind the scenes peek at Faire's recent changes. 



  • We've heard from retailers that Faire is pushing hard for you to request exclusivity with brands and we're here to say: No need! We already monitor the proximity of our retailers.
  • Faire shows us a map of all our retailers and for those with multiple locations, not all of them show up. And sometimes the shipping address is a warehouse or a residence and that's what shows up on this exclusivity map. So we're not confident it is actually an effective tool.
  • We also don't want to require the same annual spend requirement for retailers of all sizes and number of locations.
  • We already try to avoid selling to retailers in close proximity, depending on the type of shop, size of city or town, etc.
  • Since the shipping address does not always reflect the ultimate location, it is possible a conflict may slip under our radar. So if you have any specific concerns, just let us know! 
  • TLDR: You don't need to request exclusivity! 



  • For the past few years, Faire has covered the cost of free shipping on Insider orders.
  • Starting August 22, they will require us to cover those shipping costs for our "Direct" retailers. "Direct" retailers includes anyone we pitched to, as well as customers we worked with prior to joining Faire.**
  • We are opting out of this program because we cannot afford to cover the cost of shipping for so many customers and because this is something offered by Faire for a price. We also cannot set a minimum order amount to qualify for Insider Free Shipping.
  • We can't see who will lose free shipping unless we go through each retailer's profile, one by one, so that's why we're letting everyone know what is going on, just in case.
  • We don't appreciate the way Faire has handled a lot of recent changes impacting brands, so we're going to stick around but we're not going to play their games!
  • Insiders will still be eligible for free shipping through the Faire Summer Market.
  • We will always choose the least expensive shipping option available, unless you request otherwise.
  • TLDR: Faire is making changes to their Insider program, so you may no longer have free shipping with us starting August 22.


ORDERING DIRECTLY (not through Faire)

  • We aren't going anywhere, but if Faire is giving you the ick, you can order all of our products directly from this website. Just let us know and we'll tag your account (email address) for wholesale pricing.
  • No need to remember a password -- you'll get an email with a link to log in.
  • Shipping will be calculated at the time of checkout, so you don't have to wait for us to send an invoice (OGs might remember the old process).
  • TLDR: It's easy to order directly from us if you decide not to use Faire.



  • We pay 15% commission to Faire (plus $10 on the first order) on all orders from retailers who find us through the marketplace. 
  • We can avoid paying the commission if a retailer uses our direct link or by showing proof that we emailed the retailer with our Faire link. We have to send the email less than 3 months before the order is placed. Essentially, this means we have to email potential retailers once per quarter in order to avoid a commission. Sorry about your inbox!
  • We put a lot of time and effort into emailing potential retailers but we know they aren't all opened or read, so you might be "Direct" without even knowing it. (In August, if you suddenly lose free shipping with a brand, this is probably why.)
  • TLDR: be sure to use direct links from brands or let them know you will be placing an order.


Let us know if you have any questions! 

-- Katie & Michelle