Updated and better than ever.

Do these cards look familiar? They should! These are all re-designs of classic Odd Daughter cards that have been around for years. In fact, the Ice Cream card was one of my very first designs! But over the last six years of business, I've been able to better focus on THE LOOK I want for Odd Daughter. Back when I first illustrated some of these cards, I had no idea what I was doing as a designer and my style wasn't exactly consistent. Oops! But after learning a lot from Proof to Product (at the Paper Camp formerly known as Tradeshow Bootcamp!) and from fellow designers, I am working harder than ever to make my line cohesive. 

So how do I decide if something fits the Odd Daughter aesthetic? I consider things like:

  1. Color - does it match the current color palette I've established for Odd Daughter?
  2. Illustration - does it match my other cards or will it be hard to recognize as my work?
  3. Lettering style - does it go with the rest of my collection?

Sometimes this is easier said than done. I might love the look of a design, but that doesn't mean it fits. So I created a little gallery (it's FANCY) of the cards I think best represent my brand. I literally hold up a sample and compare it with these favorites. Does the design match these cards? If not, can I make any tweaks to the colors or style to help it fit?

When it comes to an older design that feels outdated or doesn't fit the current Odd Daughter aesthetic, I have two options:




Since I still love the sentiments and basic design of these cards, I decided to keep 'em around. So they had some work done (a facelift, if you will) to give them a new lease on life. I hope you like them!



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