August 21 2012
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A HOUSE!! **yippeeeee!


Mandy - December 18 2014

oh so jealous… my bf and i are looking for that exact house in LA, and not finding it… have fun!

Lisa Kimberly - December 18 2014

high-five from a fellow house and yard-have-er (totally just made that word up)! it makes such a huge difference, and your place looks amazing :) also a bit jealous cause Normal Heights was the neighborhood I originally wanted to be in, but I love where I am now. can’t wait to see more photos!

Jennifer Young - December 18 2014

Yay for houses—and YARDS! Congrats!! xo

Sara/Matchbox Kitchen - December 18 2014

Congrats! What a cute house!

leyla. - December 18 2014

nothing beets the coziness of your own four walls. enjoy it!

Jessie - December 18 2014

Hi Kate! I discovered your blog because I went to school with your sister. I really like San Diego and enjoy seeing your pics! That house looks so cute and cozy!

Danie at Pasadya - December 18 2014

Agh!! This is the cutest home in the world. My husband and I are going to start looking for a house to buy in about a year after our two-year lease is up…I would LOVE something like this! Your illustrations are adorable, by the way. :)

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