March 28 2013
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Polite Provisions // Soda & Swine


here be dragons - December 18 2014

Looks amazing! I wanna go!

Staci @ My Friend Staci - December 18 2014

I keep hearing about these places but seem to be stuck in a rut over here in PB drinking at The Tap Room and eating at PB Fish Shop. Gotta get over to Normal Heights again sometime :)

Michelle - December 18 2014

it’s like…i want everyone to know about it because it’s so great, but then mostly i don’t want anyone else to know because it’s already so popular. ifyaknowwhatimean.

j. - December 18 2014

I must come visit soon! looks so yummy and beautiful pictures!

Allie - December 18 2014

I just love your food posts.

Katie - December 18 2014

DO IT. it’s definitely worth a lil’ drive!

Katie - December 18 2014

yes— you need to visit! it has the same owners as craft & commerce, but I like it more. :)

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