CHANGE // and how I hate it.

rosalie_photostrip Have we ever talked about how I don't do well with change? When I was little, I was the worst with change. Apparently (though it's hard to believe) I threw crazy stupid tantrums when I was five and my family moved. (New house? Simply COULD NOT handle.) During elementary school, I'd get so nervous at the end of the summer because I'd be starting school in a new grade, new classroom, and have a new teacher, etc. In the end I usually loved it, but I just hated the thought of it being different than what I knew! I've come to understand (and sometimes appreciate) the need for change in life, but sometimes I still hate it. And that sometime is now. My supervisor/co-worker/friend has moved on to an incredible new opportunity w/ the fantastic company 31bits. While I'm incredibly happy for her, I just hate when I like how things are and then they change. Selfish? what? Haha. I constantly have to remind myself that change (whether it's related to work, friends, relationships, where you live, etc.) can end up being surprisingly wonderful. Though there will never be anything wonderful about Rose not working in the next cubicle, I truly believe things will turn our better than I could have expected. If you totally embrace change, I applaud you. And I'll happily attend your next seminar. ++ above are a few photo strips from a lil' trip to portland.