life, lately.

01080013 Lately, life has been a good mix of busy and relaxing. The weather has been a bit odd -- beach weather one day, rain the next. It's nice, but has kind of kept me from completely settling into summer mindset. Michelle and I have found a lovely Saturday morning routine; we grab iced chai's at our favorite coffee stand, Roast Coach, then go for a long walk in our favorite San Diego neighborhood. It's truly one of my favorite things in the world. I love soaking up the sun while on a walk, and checking out the rad historic houses w/ amazing landscaping (cactus/succulents/raised beds, etc.). Here are some film shots I took over the last month or so: 1/ love me some bougainvillea  2/ this house is ombre, ha!  3/ sunny day in la jolla  4/drinks @ polite provisions 01080016 01080018 01080020

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