an afternoon at the SD zoo !!

01080009 01080010 01080011 01080012 01080007 After having lived in San Diego for OVER A YEAR, Michelle + I finally visited the zoo!! I can't believe it took that long. We went on a particularly busy day, so there were definitely crowds, but it was still super cool. We grew up going to the LA zoo (which has like 5 animals), so being able to see a tiger in real life for the FIRST TIME was pretty awesome. We saw monkeys and zebras and elephants (getting pedicures) and cuuuurazy looking camels (see above)... and so on. It was rad, and we will be back. If nothing else, for the pandas (which were the only thing we missed). And, we still have yet to visit the Safari Park. SO MANY THINGS, you guys. So many things to look forward to. :)

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And we still need to see the giraffes!

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