January 07 2014
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dribbble + a bit of my process


Links I Love: 01.11.14 | Studio 404 - December 18 2014

[…] the only one with scraps of paper filled with lettering and drawings in my office. I read the design process of Katie from Odd Daughter Paper Co which is extremely similar to mine when it comes to lettering projects. It’s not an in-depth […]

Angel Y. - December 18 2014

I’m off to follow you on Dribbble right now. Thank you for sharing an in depth view of your process. Your work is fantastic and always admired by me. :)

Katie - December 18 2014

love it! I completely agree — so fun finding other creatives in San Diego :)

Corinne Alexandra - December 18 2014

i just discovered your work via Studio 404 & I love it! Your hand-lettering is beautiful. & I always love finding other fellow San Diegan lady designers. ;) Consider me a new follower!

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