Taking the Leap!!

THIS IS THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER (well, as it pertains to Odd Daughter). 

I launched Odd Daughter Paper two years ago in April. Over the past two years, I've continued to work a full-time day job and have tried my hardest to balance that work with my stationery business. It's been a struggle! Working 40+ hours/week (and then trying to bust out creativity at night) isn't all that easy. It's pretty exhausting. But I love hand lettering + designing stationery...! So that's what I've spent all of my free time doing. :)

With that said, I've been feeling a serious need to make a change. My aching neck & back are like "NOPE. you can't spend all of your living hours sitting at a computer" (which I totally agree with. THANKS BODY!!). So I've finally made the decision to leave my full-time day job and pursue Odd Daughter full time!! Whaaaat!??!?!? I'm so excited. And somewhat nervous. I'm sad to leave my amazing co-workers -- and I think it goes without saying, it will be scary to not have a steady paycheck. But sometimes ya gotta be like "I'm just gonna try and see what happens." 

So that's what I'm doing. 

Which means there will be way more Odd Daughter goodness coming your way. In the form of new cards, wedding invites, more blog posts, aaand the list goes on....