Self employment so far...

I'm finishing up my third week of being self employed. And I'm feeling all kinds of emotions.


I feel confident that this was the right decision [WHEW!]. Each morning, I wake up feeling excited about what I'll be working on that day. But, I'm also dealing with the struggle of how to be productive and how to prioritize tasks. I've been running this business for 2+ years, and there were a ton of things I always wanted to get to and never had the time [which has resulted in me feeling pulled in a million directions the past couple of weeks]. 

My sister-roommate Michelle has been helping me get my finances in order, which is HUGE. Like seriously. Set off some fireworks for this girl, because Accounting is crazy-confusing. 

I've spent some time with other creatives/freelancers in San Diego, which has been awesome! It's so nice to be able to chat pricing and client work and instagram (ha!). :) Maggie, Vanessa & I met up at the Cactus Gardens in Balboa park to take some photos -- best idea ever. 


As far as a workspace goes, I've been hopping between coffee shops and my desk at home. I've basically moved into to my new favorite, Holsem Coffee

All in all I've had mixed emotions (figuring out health insurance and taxes aren't fun), but I feel really good about this adventure that I'm on. The terrifying feeling of not having a guaranteed paycheck is definitely there... but right now it just feels like the perfect motivation.  

If you're self-employed and you have advice on all of this, feel free to send it my way.  :)




Deb Pang Davis
Deb Pang Davis

Congratulations and I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon your website but I became an immediate fan of your work! How exciting to discover you’ve been self-employed for three weeks. Welcome!

I feel your pain (and relief) about accounting, insurance etc. That stuff will never be any fun but I’ve learned it definitely helps you see a variety of things like if you have too much money coming in from one source or that you might be spending money on way too many of X.

Community is the one thing I depend upon online and in person. It’s a bit harder when you don’t live in a vibrant city and that’s where online communities are cupcake.

The emotional mix of fear and excitement? I feel that combo is the perfect mix of get-up-and-go. I went from working full-time for years to getting laid off to going back to full-time work and then to discover that freelance, no freedom to create; to create my own thing — is my preferred journey. It isn’t all roses (or peonies and hummingbirds in my case) but support in whatever form or people will carry you on.

As for prioritizing and being productive … I focus more on prioritizing everything from biz to personal and put less emphasis on productive. Honestly, not sure what productive means anyway. I think at the moment I just want to feel good; that I got through my three things or whatever is the most important for the day. I think you’ll find what works for you.

Congrats again and good luck!


Woo!!! Soo so proud of you and excited to see you flourish as a business owner!

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