2015 reflections

This year has been one of ups and downs, as most are. In May, I left my full-time day job to focus on Odd Daughter!! While this was a really exciting decision and I've never doubted that it was the right one, it has also been truly difficult. I left an incredible community of people (shout out to awesome co-workers. they're PURE GOLD)... aaaand a steady paycheck.

Financially, things have been tough (#realtalk). More than that though, I've missed being around other people. I've struggled to find balance with work/life and have needed to show myself grace when things didn't turn out how I'd hoped. 

But there were also amazing things this year. Like the opportunity to take a month-long road trip with my sister through the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada. And making new, creative friends who are basically co-workers (via texting). 

I've shed some ugly tears and felt more overwhelmed than I knew possible.... but I've also seen hard work pay off in small ways. I've been encouraged by people like you (who have been following along on this journey!). 

So I'm heading into 2016 with a sense of excitement! Hoping the same for you!! xx Katie