San Diego magazine - map + illustrations

In October, I had the awesome opportunity of working on a map for San Diego magazine. It was used in the November issue which was all about TACOS. So good, right?! It was specifically a map of Baja California and showed the best spots to eat. I thought it'd be cool to show how the project progressed and how the final product differed from my original ideas. (You can see the final map right here!) 


The first drawing was basically just getting all of the locations in the correct spots. Then I started adding color and some illustrations. The editor wanted little illustrations to symbolize the different areas (a vineyard, seafood, cocktails, cactus, etc.) As you can see, we switched up the colors a bit in the third proof...

On the final design, we opted for fewer colors, so that the map would be more cohesive with everything else on the spread. I love maps (and tacos, duh.) so this was pretty much a dream project!!

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